These are our personal favorites that we frequent 😉

  • We have been asked to provide a list of survey sites that we approve of again…… So we have decided to Start this list of Our Approved Survey Sites.  All It Takes To Be Approved By Us Is:

  • Regular offers of surveys

  • Accurate posting of completions

  • Honest pay outs

So as long as they offer surveys then pay for the completed survey it will be approved as we see by our record of treatment with them.  We will never recommend a company that we have had no personal dealings with as we would have nothing to base our opinion on.  It is up to individuals to decide if the time it takes to complete average surveys is worth the payment involved and other such details that may make a site more likely a prospective or not.

That being said we do recommend signing up with a few sites and deciding which ones you like the best.   We will not post how these companies pay as this is an ever evolving world and this post is meant to be a long standing record of resources for anyone to come and check out from time to time.

KEEP IN MIND PLEASE:  You will not get rich doing surveys…. you will not make a regular full time income either.   What you can do is supplement your income and earn enough to pay for some of lifes extras or Christmas in bits and pieces.  We make a couple of hundred a month when we are very careful and are diligent about completing the surveys.

We will add sites to this list as we think of them, we have literally become brain dead for the moment 😉  and hope that you will forgive us.

For now we will start with the ones we like best:

1.  Pinecone Research Panel is one of the BEST…. We love this site!  *NOTE* THIS IS AN INVITATION ONLY SURVEY SITE…so unless you get invited by someone like us here or you get lucky and find an open enrollment link during a campaign you pretty much wont ever be able to sign up.  To check out what I am saying just head on over to  with out the extra parameters I have in the link below…… and dig around for a way to sign up… There Is NONE.  We hope that you will accept our invitation, we get no kick backs, points, percentages or any other reward from this company.  Just the knowledge that we sent you to a really good company.  Please keep in mind that they have some pretty strict rules and they absolutely REQUIRE YOU TO COMPLETE THE  VERY FIRST SURVETY SENT…… if you do not…….. they will not send any more.  Then once you are a member this particular company requires you to complete 95% of their surveys for pay They PREFER 100% COMPLETION ALL THE TIME ( They Average in the beginning 4 surveys a month), ALL 100 % of their household surveys, and ALL 100% of their follow up surveys to product reviews.  YES we have received multiple products for FREE because we agreed to do a survey following the use of the product.  We keep the product forever.  SORRY we can not tell you what we have received because of anti disclosure policies…… but we have been very happy with this company.  The longer you are with them the more surveys you get.  Sign up at: Pinecone Research Panel


2.  Toluna Survey is another awesome site to gain lots of points that are easily converted to useable currency.   They have no real requirements, however if your points are a year old they expire.  So you will definitely want to watch this to make sure they do not expire on you after you have worked so hard on getting them.        Sign up @ TOLUNA


3.  I-Say Ipsos Survey Panel is a pretty kool survey site and one of the very first that we every signed up for.  Sign up @    I-Say Ipsos


4.  My Survey is an additional Survey Site That We Frequent.  You can sign up @   My Survey

5.  SpringBoard America Is Awesome And It Is Your Lucky Day, Because you have been invited to join SpringBoard America which is America’s leading online research community where your opinion makes a difference.  Join Today and Not Only Do You Start With A Bonus BUT You Will Automatically Be Entered Into A Contest To WIN $1,000.

Click here to take part in The SpringBoard America Program.



We will not list sites that we do not approve of as this could be resulting legal issues… however you can assume if they are not on this page, there may be a reason.   So feel free to ask, if there is a specific company you would like us to check out and we can ask around in our bloggers network, friends, and do an online search to see if they are legit.  This service is FREE within reason and we are happy to help.  We know there is a lot of fraud out there just waiting to try to lure you in…….. we do our best to weed out these types of situations.



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