Money Maker on Right Guard Deodarant at CVS USA, LLC

You can print a coupon right now for $3.00 off of 2 Right Guard Deodarant/Anti-perspirant at  Take that coupon to CVS and purchase 2 Right Guards for $2.99 each for a total of $5.98.  They will give you $2.00 in extrabucks for your next purchase for each one.  Maximum of 2 allowed, So you will get $4.00 back in extrabucks when you purchase both.  $5.98 minus $3.00 coupon is $2.98, minus $4.00 extrabucks for next purchase gives you $1.02 in your pocket. Yes they are basically going to pay you to take it off their hands….SWEET  Make sure you have your extracare card or sign up for one at the start of your transaction.

Coupon can be found in zip code 84101  at

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