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If you are new to couponing this is a great resource to learn about terms and usage.

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PaPa’s Top 10 Coupon Tips

For The Love Of Coupons and Kindness, we are sharing some tips on how to best use coupons and hope this is helping others.

Enjoy the Top 10 Tips:

  1. The biggest one is buy items on sale and use coupons (store and manufactures coupons), doubling them if possible.  Although there are not many stores that will double coupons anymore, there are still some, so it is worth your time to ask every store you come into contact with if they double coupons and if so, is it all the time or only on certain days,  also keep in mind that when stores do double a coupon they generally limit it to a maximum of $1 that can be doubled.  Where ever possible digital coupons like SavingStar (computer or phone) and IBOTTA (phone) should be used as well.  Watch your area trends…… when is what meat the lowest…. how often is tooth paste on sale and combined with coupons equates to a pennies purchase or FREE.  Stock up when it is FREE or Nearly FREE.  Buy in season fruit and vegetables only.  Think ahead, when first starting …… start slow…… and build…. but be sure to build.
  2. Hit the BOGO Sales.  When a product goes on sale for Buy One Get One FREE……. If you use store coupons and manufacturer coupons along with these you can get some pretty insane deals.  (we have even heard of some store on occasion accepting BOGO FREE Coupons in conjunction with the BOGO FREE Sale……….. WOOT WOOOT  Yesssss this is completely FREE)  Say mayo is BOGO FREE and they are $4,  you have a store coupon for $1 and a manufactures coupon for $2, the new total would be $1 after coupons…………. but if it is featured on IBOTTA OR SavingStar you could get even more back by rebate with a check direct to you.
  3. Treat all cashiers with respect, no matter how they treat you.  Just remind yourself that maybe they are having an off day and need a little extra patience.  Remember to always be polite and say thank you!  A cashier can either make your couponing experience an enormous pleasure or chuck it into a smelthing pot if they don’t like you.  Remember they are people too…. so tell them where you are getting some of your best coupons and deals……… you help them……. they help you.   Trust us – It Works  ;)
  4. This rule goes hand in hand with the rule above.. be kind and considerate to your cashier, boxers, managers, and anyone else you come into contact with.  Remember the guy that was a real turkey at the restaurant the other night……… yes, well so do they and they will for a long time…….. you do not want your grocery, discount,  big box, or local   dollar tree to recognize you as soon as you walk through the door as the loud mouth trouble maker……… right!?!    EXACTLY  ;)           But at the same time……. do not be afraid to assert yourself if you think they are doing something wrong, just be careful to do it tactfully and mindful that you could actually end up being the one that was incorrect and even if you weren’t you definitely want to have a good communication base with these people in the future, so be firm but be nice.
  5. Many times people become consumed with the prospect of the FREEbies and Deals….. Yes even we have been guilty…… if only temporary.  Keep in mind when you go after a FREEbie 3 Things:  CAN I USE THIS?  Can a Close family member use this (Husband, child, grandchild)? OR  CAN I DONATE THIS TO A WORTHY CAUSE?  If You Answer Yes To Any One Of Those Questions and you are not killing yourself on time by all means go for it…. but if you are finding yourself struggling for time then pick and choose carefully which freebies you will go after.                                     As far as the Donations go…….. Think Food, Toothpaste, Deodorant, toys, cleaning supplies, shampoo, and do not forget donations for these unfortunate families pets as well…… you get the idea.                                                                                                 Remember to always make time for your REAL WORLD FAMILY, Life, and Friends………… They ARE Important…… Very Important.
  6. If the store has run out of the product that you are after do not be shy, go to the service desk or ask the manager about getting a rain check.  Many stores offer these but you have to ask.  Please keep in mind that not all stores offer rain checks and even the ones that do are not required to on every product, so they may limit the quantity.
  7. Remember to Read Coupons And Signs  Carefully.  Some coupons limit you to a specific number per customer.  Some signs will say 10 for $10, but does it say you have to buy 10 to get them for $1 each? if not then you are free to purchase what ever you want, so purchase the amount that will go with your coupon(s).   AND Sometimes the sign will limit you to a number in quantity……… but is it limited on the entire brand or per flavor or style……. if it does not state…. ASK.  Remember the only dumb question is the one that is not asked and you may be surprised to find out that you can get even more great deals just by watching signs.
  8. Stop buying your glasses in the store – if you buy them online you will save a lot of money.  You WILL NEED a Prescription for glasses.  Go to the store and find several pairs that you like, write the numbers down from inside the frames.  You will need to know your pupillary distance and the site will guide you through measuring it or when you have your eyes examined ask the eye doctor to write it down for you. (THEY WILL).  You can literally get glasses for as little as shipping costs which is usually less than $20 and they arrive in a timely fashion.                                                                                                               And do not forget to donate your old glasses that you can not use anymore…. just because you can not use them does not mean that someone else can not use them ;)
  9. Use cash back services like EBATES (computer or phone) to maximize savings, often times you can get enough cash back equivalent to the state sales tax…. yippee.
  10. Always start every purchase with a generic search for promo codes.  You can often times combine promo codes so if you have a free shipping code and a 20% off code take those and go sign in to the above EBATES talked about in number 9, so you get the advantage of both the promos and the rebate back.

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