SYW reimbursement of $39.99 In Points Questioned

The PaPa’s Cents Team has looked out for the interests of all clients and followers.  We never ask you to fill out any form we are not ourselves comfcomfortable with. THAT BEING SAID…. There is a form circulating that is … Continue reading

We Are Only A Catalyst – Please Try To Remember This When Entering Your Information

Once Again We Are Forced To Remind Everyone…….. We Do Not PERSONALLY HAND OUT SAMPLES……… WE FIND THEM FOR YOU – SO ALL You Have To DO Is GO To The LINK, Fill Out Your Information And Sit Back And … Continue reading

Help PaPa’s Cents – Keep Us From Extinction

Help PaPa’s Cents – Keep Us From Extinction PaPa’s Cents NEEDS YOUR HELP……. We ARE In DANGER of EXTINCTION PLEASE The Only Way We Can Stay In The Game Long Term And Not Fall Victim To Blog Extintction IS TO … Continue reading

We Recommend Only What We Approve Of………. PaPa’s Cents Has Values

Most of you know how we operate, but for those of you who don’t…….. we want to make sure that everyone is abundantly clear – We DO NOT Recommend, Affiliate, Suggest, Advertise, or otherwise put information about any company or … Continue reading