Are hard water spots getting the best of your glass? USA, LLC

Do you have glass shower doors or windows that are spotty with hard water build up or worse?
When we moved into our home, no matter what we tried we just couldn’t get our glass shower clean enough….
That is untill we found some magic!
Glass stove top cleaner and a scrubing sponge designed for use on glass stove tops can make even the worst glass sparkle with very little effort.

You put just a little of the thick liquid on the scruber,
Wipe it on small sections at a time applying a small amount of pressure – not to much.  Wipe off with a clean rag and buff. Move to the next section and continue.  This works on all surfaces except pourous tile.

Now that you have clean shower doors, glass, and metal let’s keep it sparkling between cleanings. Rain X is an amazing product. Once you have cleaned your shower thoroughly, spray Rains on and let it sit for just a minute.  Wipe it down,making sure all surfaces have been moistened with it, then polish dry. For the next 2 to 3 weeks when you take a shower, rinse it with hot water at the end and use a small shower squeegee to wisk away any water left behind so you don’t have any streaks or water spots left behind. Every time you clean the shower it gets easier because now you are not trying to get rid of build up. The results are remarkable!!!
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  1. The reason we include DIY’s on this site, is because TIME IS MONEY and if you can save just a little bit of time on several things each day by making them easier, then you will have more time for the really important things in life.